M060005 Donaldson MUFFLER

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Diagram of muffler type

M060005 Donaldson M060005-016-147 MUFFLER Call for information. All Brand New Items. In Stock Now. Don't see here, we can get it.

Exhaust Mufflers Product Attributes
Inlet Diameter:  2.5 Inches (63.50 MM)
Outlet Diameter:  2.5 Inches (63.50 MM)
Body Diameter:  6.00 Inches (152.40 MM)
Body Length:  15.00 Inches (381.00 MM)
Overall Length:  18.12 Inches (460.25 MM)
Rated Flow LR:  446.00 CFM (12.6218 CMM)
Rated Flow MR:  631.00 CFM (17.8573 CMM)
Rated Flow HR:  773.00 CFM (21.8759 CMM)
Back Press LR:  1.00 In Hg (25.40 MM Hg)
Back Press MR:  2.00 In Hg (50.80 MM Hg)
Back Press HR:  3.00 In Hg (76.20 MM Hg)
Attenuation:  8-12 dBA
Primary Application:  OFF ROAD APPLICATIONS
Product Type Description:  MUFFLER, ROUND, STYLE 1
Price Type:  E
Packaged Dimensions
Country of Origin:    US (United States)
Gross Length in Inches:    21.8
Gross Height in Inches:    6.8
Gross Weight in Pounds:    8.95
Gross Width in Inches:    7


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