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Tectran has the most complete line of wheel nut indicators with many different styles to meet fleet needs

  • Wheel Nut Indicators provide a simple, visual means of confirming proper wheel nut torque in seconds
  • Reduces risk of wheel detachment accidents and resulting load damage and may reduce insurance costs
  • Reduces equipment downtime and maintenance costs associated with needless re-torquing
  • Resistant to highway and cleaning chemicals
  • Easy to install and difficult to tamper with or dislodge
  • Bright color permits visibility at night and in dirty or muddy conditions
  • High temperature Wheel-Check can withstand heat temperatures to approximately 450º F

Temperature-sensitive polymer detects bearing or brake overheating problems by deforming at temperatures above 120°C / 250°F. Will withstand extreme cold temperatures (-75°C / -100°F) without cracking.

Wheel Nut indicators are applied pointing in a uniform clockwise direction after ensuring proper wheel torque (apply with "lip" toward wheel) An indicator will rotate counter-clockwise if wheel nut loses torque. Provides a visual commitment to safety to the public and to transportation authorities. Drivers, mechanics or inspectors can confirm proper wheel torque or identify bearing or brake overheating problems at a glance. Reduces costly wheel stud wear and breakage due to continuous re-torquing (stud manufacturers recommend stud replacement after 3 torques.) Costs only a few dollars per wheel and pays for itself if just one re-torque is avoided. Reusable on replacement wheels.

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