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From pickups to Class 8 Tractors and everything in between, Triple R Truck Parts is your one stop shop for all of your truck and equipment needs! Triple R has been a staple of the Delaware County Pennsylvania area for over 40 years. Triple R serves retail, wholesale and fleet customers in the Tri-state area with a robust inventory from over 100 of the most trusted brands in the industry. We have the largest Donaldson filter and exhaust inventory on the East Coast. We also have an expansive inventory of the most trusted name in shop equipment, Gray USA. We ship nationwide with our ever growing online store at 

While our name implies that we are just truck parts, we are so much more!  We aim to be your one stop shop with the parts, accessories and commodities that you would expect from a truck center, an auto parts store, a tool warehouse and a big box retailer, all under one roof!  


Triple "R" Truck Parts was founded in 1977 by the father and son team of Rich and Ron Savoy and later incorporated in 1981. The company was initially located in Aston, Pennsylvania and later moved to Eddystone, at the site of a former bowling alley, due to its rapid growth. In 2011 We built onto our original building with a second, larger warehouse, Our facility now spans over 35,000 square feet and includes two loading docks to handle the fast pace of constant inventory arrival.  Today we have over 30 employees, a fleet of delivery vehicles and more inventory than many full distribution centers.  We don't just have the most common parts, we have the parts no one else has!  

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Triple "R" Truck Parts Inc. is a proud member of the HDA Truck Pride Parts Network and frequently recognized for integrity and reliability.


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