Cold startups cause more engine damage than even running low on oil

Posted by Tim Corcoran / Triple R Truck Parts on Dec 15th 2018

Most drivers don't realize the damage that cold engine starts cause.  Most understand that cylinders require a thin coating of oil on the cylinder walls to prevent engine damage and to operate efficiently with the least amount of friction on the moving parts.  However, what most don't understand is that with modern fuel injected engines, cold starts require the ECM to run the fuel mixture rich to compensate.  The problem is besides the obvious use of more fuel, the rich mixture rinses the oil coating off of the cylinder walls causing significantly decreased engine life over the life of the vehicle.  

Drivers often make the mistake of starting the car or truck and leaving it run to warm up.  During cold startups the ECM raises the idle speed along with the fuel mixture enrichment causing even greater engine damage.  The fastest way to get the engine to temperature is to run the engine normally.  Most drivers don't want to bear the cold in the cabin in the winter but bundling up for a few minutes of cold could pay dividends in the long run.

Another option is to equip your vehicle with a block, coolant or oil heater.  This will keep your engine at a reasonable temperature for faster warm up, and faster heat.  Many diesel equipped vehicles are unbearable to get started on cold days.  This is another great reason to equip your vehicle with an engine heater.  Triple R carries the full line of Zerostart engine heater products to get your vehicle ready for the winter!  We have one of the largest inventories on the east coast at great prices!  Many are available right here on!  And to help our customers get the most value for their dollars, from now until 2/28 all Zerostart products ordered on our website will receive free shipping!

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